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Somewhere Hidden

There is a world invisible to the naked eye with inhabitants who will touch your heart.

Take a trip with Pollen and his friends while reading, and see everything you encounter from a different perspective.

Stretch the limits of your imagination, dive into a magical world and explore!

But also take a look at what you can find on this site: songs to sing along, the stories to read (to), games to do outside in nature, music to listen to and lots of fun pages, tips and facts about the environment in your area.
This way, you can quickly discover the road to the Somewhere Hidden yourself.

Somewhere Hidden is a magical series of children's books with a beautiful story and nature experience for children and adults.

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Somewhere Hidden is a series of magical children's books, including games that promote nature experiences for young and old.

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How extraordinary that you have found us because we hide from the human world. At least for now. But anyone who can see with their heart can easily find us.

Why do we live in Somewhere Hidden? Well, Groenworg cannot reach us there.
His long tentacles cannot find our hidden country because he simply cannot see us.

We in the Hidden Land love nature, all animals and each other. And of course, we love you, humans, by the way.

If you want to learn more about us, about our Queen Lilyhart, about Pollen and his friends, and also about Groenworg, click through to the next page.
There we will tell you everything you want to know about us.

And there is more!

The things we Elves do are not that different from the stuff you children do.

Finding your way in the forest with your eyes closed, making tinkles like in Grandma Tinkel's garden, discovering what and who lives in the water, you can do that too!

That is why there are several games on this website that you can play alone or together with others.

And every time you go outside, pay attention, for you might find us there too.
And who knows, maybe we'll just play along.

Read, listen, watch, do...

Below you will find the different ways to experience Somewhere Hidden


The history of Somewhere Hidden

The Story

'The garden of oma Tinkel

Part 1 of the magical children's book series "Somewhere Hidden

The Story

'The journey of the Water'

Part 2 of the magical children's book series "Somewhere Hidden


The Songs of Somewhere Hidden


Nature experience for indoors and outdoors

Sing along Songs

Hidden Somewhere

Song about Hidden Somewhere

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Song about the elves who got lost

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Strong together

Song against Groenworg


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The read and experience books about Hidden Somewhere

Of course there are many stories about Hidden Somewhere. A real series of magical children's books is is the making!

Parts 1 and 2 have now been written down, and part 1 has already become available as a beautiful reading book. And in each part there are also a number of games that you can play outside in nature.

de tuin van oma Tinkel, boekomslag, fotoshop, leesboek, boek Verscholen Land, titelomslag

The garden of oma Tinkel

This is the first book in the series of magical children's books about the experiences of the residents in and around the Hidden Land.


De reis van het Water

Zo heet het tweede boek uit de serie over het Verscholen Land. 

Natuurlijk zijn er nog meer verhalen over Het Verscholen Land die verteld moeten worden.
Daar ben ik al mee begonnen, maar ja, dat heeft wel nog een beetje tijd nodig.
Niet zo veel, want elfen zijn van nature een beetje ongeduldig, dus ze zitten me behoorlijk achter de vodden om zo veel mogelijk te schrijven.

Wat kan ik zeggen? Het komt eraan, hoor!

Ondertussen kun je ook de eerste hoofdstukken al gratis lezen van 'De reis van het Water'.

Wil je de rest van 'De reis van het Water' lezen? Vul dan hieronder je email adres in en we sturen je een berichtje wanneer het tweede boek af is.

De verhalen over het Verscholen Land

een serie magische kinderboeken

Home, een serie magische kinderboeken, bloemen wei, wei met bloemen, voorjaar bloeiende bloemen

De tuin van oma Tinkel

Het eerste verhaal uit de serie over het Verscholen Land

Home, een serie magische kinderboeken, elf, jongen, boom met wortels,waterval, verscholen

De reis van het water

De tweede verhaal uit de serie over het Verscholen Land

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De Verre Sterre leden

Het derde verhaal uit de serie over het Verscholen Land